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What can I say about the toons? They started with a hilarious story which was related to me via email and like Topsy, they just growed! They speak for themselves, I hope, enjoy them as they are intended to be, a frivolous interlude on the net. Come and see them being born at the weekends in irc#zetnet

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To view them properly you will need to be using more than 256 colours.

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Tiz soup pick me up
Tiz in the

Zetnet Soup

MrsCake needs
a tonic

Trifle crumb tea01
Making the
Tetrinet page

A foolish Bikkie An Indian
mermag moose hamfist
The barking cat
chases the dog

A migratory
Moose and friends

A hamfisted
fishhowa surtet eliwoe
Do fish like

From the Surreal
to the Real

My PC died

whip wraith mum01
This is how SueA
made me do this
Page (whimper)
Wraith and Hawk
had a 'discussion'


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How to look after your goldfish Surreal Tetrinet My PC broke
My MUM???? Wraith and Hawk Ouch!

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