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#zetnet is a great place to meet new people and over the years I have made some really good friends. Our interests are as diversified as the locations in which we live but we all have a set of common interests; computers, of course, but also meeting people and having fun.

Although I have never met some of the zetnuts and others in the flesh only once or twice, I enjoy being part of something greater, I especially like being able to have a social life which expands beyond the, sometimes insular, Island community. Some of the links contained within these pages are Tiree orientated, once you've visited the Island it constantly lures you back, but others are to friendships which have been forged through my precious little grey box of tricks which sits on my desk, which I value dearly.

  Sue Alexander
Pam Massey
Beryl Harwood
Gavin Shaw
Taz Williams
Edward Sparkes
Malcolm Briggs
Zetnet, because I've named it my best friend to telecom too :)

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