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Me................     Elaine Williams 1997©
Initially we moved to the Isle of Tiree for peace and quiet, to find a safe haven for our children to grow up in, to enjoy the solitude, the scenery and the rural way of life. The reality has proved to be far removed from our dream.

A physical education teacher 'to trade' I do everything except teach P.E. I used to work as the cook in the Lodge hotel, which at that time was owned by my parents. After the death of my father we sold the business and moved on to other things.

Before Dad took up residence in the local graveyard (he now has the time to watch the boat coming in to the pier from his plot) he designed a granny flat to be attached to my house for himself and Mum. Building started when we sold the hotel and the ‘Granny flat’ has dominated our life ever since! However, since it’s a bit bigger than everyone except Dad envisaged I have had to continue at the same hectic pace as ever to pay the bills. Ho Hum c’est la vie.

I work with Pre-Five children in the local school, am Centre Manager for Argyll College, teach IT, teach line dancing and keep-fit two nights a week, still put the hens to bed and tell them their bedtime story for neighbours and run various courses for Community Education. When I have time I write and paint and do some craft work but that is a luxury.

I would love to be able to make my dream of having a restaurant on the Island come true… maybe in time if all the red tape can be dealt with; and to spend more of my time writing and illustrating. Maybe one day if I ever get published!

I would like to find more time to go on irc #zetnet at the weekends, it's great fun and I think I used to be termed as a bit of a tetris addict. I miss the chat with folk, who, over the years, have become really good friends. Links to a few of them are contained within these pages.

Pantomime will take up a good portion of time in the winter now that the Island has a new hall and as long as I don't have to say anything on stage, I'm in there with the rest. I usually appear as some obscure animal with a manic demeanour. Organising such a production is a giant nightmare but somehow we always appear at the other end of it all relatively unscathed and glowing with pride at what the children and adults of the Island can do when they all work together. It provides a wonderful sense of Community that I've never found anywhere in such depth as here on The Isle of Tiree.

I have been known to play the odd practical joke on my best friends and love a good laugh, it makes life worthwhile.

A huge thank you must go to Sue Alexander who has put together this site and knocked it into shape despite my ramblings and hectic life. Thanks also to Taz who introduced me to this infernal machine in the first place, without that there would have been no web site, no Toonmaker and no catscorner for me. Thanks Son!<bg>

Life has changed for me personally beyond all recognition since I first moved to the Island, some good changes, some absolutely fantastic and some downright diabolical but the enduring constant is the Island, it’s people and the way of life. Some things are worth struggling on for and Tiree is one of them.

I feel like I'm giving an Oscar acceptance speech! I hope you enjoy the pages and I hope to see you on the Isle of Tiree soon.

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

The land is caressed by the breeze.
And so the Island has no trees.

The crofters sheep and cows abound
And leave their calling cards upon the ground

They chew the car and eat the flowers
And I could sit and watch for hours

Alas alack, it cannot be,
The kids are howling for their tea.

A great life this if, full of care,
I make the time to stand and stare.

With apologies to W.H. Davies

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