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IRC, the ideal place to get all your pc problems solved, discover what's new on the net {the easy way}, ask advice about that new piece of hardware or software you've had your eye on, or just to have a that and see what's happening in the rest of the world.

Alternatively, chase a cat around the net to steal her chocolates, make a pot of soup out of the nicks or pass a cup of virtual coffee through the screen to the rest of the channel. Change into a mars bar and get eaten by a Stonefish or melt in a cats furry pocket, the adventures are endless, you might even end up changing your nick by popular usage of another, so much so that everyone forgets what your original one was. Ever wondered how Oriel changed into Bikkie, or how Arach seems to be changing to Spidey? Come to that how did Ellie change into Toonmaker?

I use irc as my sanity clause, it restores my faith in human nature and lets me get rid of my pent up aggression in the tetris camp:) Where else could silliness such as the above be accepted and not be greeted by men in little white coats?

The virtual world of irc is encompassed in the toons, mayhem, madness, multiple makeovers into daft mind messages which flow out of the pencil at the weekends. Everything goes into the toon book, maybe you might be in the gallery one day. IITB ...............watch for it. Become part of it <g>

all art work    Elaine.M.Williams 1999©

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