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Elaine.M.Williams 1997©

The Colour Yourself Story Books were initially intended to keep my eldest two children occupied during the four hour crossing from Tiree to Oban on the boat. They were then taken up by other Island parents and eventually the series was sold on the Cal Mac ferries and in various outlets around the Isle of Tiree.

Books in the series are:
The Isle of Mull Adventure
Iona Wind Dragon goes to School
The Tiree Wind Dragons
Iona and Caolis go to Brownie Camp
The Dragons Who Danced

The Isle of Mull Adventure:
The two dragons, Brock and Salum are called to rescue a fishing boat
and get un unexpected bonus.

Iona Wind Dragon Goes to School:
Iona leaves playgroup but is worried about starting the ‘big' school.
It's better than she could have imagined.


Elaine.M.Williams 1997©
The Tiree Wind Dragons:
Two boistrous dragons have fun making wind.

Iona and Caolis go to Brownie Camp:
The two friends have a great time earning their badges but don't
realise that their cousins are at a scout camp next door.

The Dragons Who Danced:
Have you ever wondered how whirlwinds are made? Iona and Caolis show you how.

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