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If you wish to have have different books personalised then please feel free to use this form as many times as you wish.

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The Guardians            £3.50
The Birthing               £5.00
The Seerits                £5.00
Stone of the Winds     not yet published  
Lopacric                    not yet published
Wind Dragon Colour Yourself Story Books @ £1.50 each :
The Tiree Wind Dragons
Iona Wind Dragon Goes To School
The Sound of Mull Adventure
The Dragons Who Danced
Caolis and Iona Go To Brownie Camp
Personalised first pages are available to your requirements, please add 50p for each personalised message.

The personalisation I would like is :

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Please note that post and packing is included for orders to Britain. The additional cost of postage to locations outside Britain will be advised before sending.

Payment is required in advance

If you live in Britain and wish to order directly then please print out this page and send it, together with a cheque made payable to Elaine M. Williams, to :
Elaine Williams,
Isle of Tiree,
PA77 6TW
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